Planning Items of Interest

DeNova Homes Major Subdivision and Rezoning Project

The City of Pleasant Hill Architectural Review Commission and Planning Commission will review a request by Denova Homes, applicant, to consider planning application PLN 14-0371 which includes a Major Subdivision (Vesting Tentative Tract Map), Rezoning, Lot Line Adjustment, Planned Unit Development (PUD) Concept Plan/Development Plan and Architectural Review Permit.  Both Commissions will be making recommendations on the proposed project for the City Council’s consideration on a future hearing date.  The City Council will make the final decision(s) on the project.

The Major Subdivision would create 18 new residential parcels, ranging in size from 6,004 s.f. to 12,533 s.f., with an average lot size of 8,469 s.f., each to be developed with two-story single family detached homes, associated open space areas, and related landscaping and site improvements. Four of the 18 homes would provide secondary dwelling units.  The project site is approximately 9.86 acres and located near the southeast corner of the intersection of Taylor Boulevard and Mercury Way, zoned R-10 Single Family Residential – Medium Density. APN Nos.: 152-070-003, 010, 012, 014, & 016.  

THE PUBLIC HEARING will be held by the Planning Commission starting starting at the special start time of 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 (originally scheduled for October 11, 2016), in the City Council Chambers, 100 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill.  Interested persons will be heard at this time.