A new Library for Pleasant Hill

Library Groundbreaking City Council

City breaks ground on Pleasant Hill Library

The City Council celebrated the groundbreaking of the Pleasant Hill Library on September 18 with project partners, including Cotra Costa County Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, County Library staff and Friends of the Pleasant Hill Library. Architects from BCJ and representatives from Swinterton Management and Consulting were also on hand. Unfortunately, the general public could not be invited due to the current public health order related to COVID-19. 

The $24 million building will be substantially complete by late winter 2021, with a grand opening in Spring 2022. On August 3 selected BHM Construction, Inc. as General Contractor for construction of the Library. The Napa-based firm specializes in public works projects around the Bay Area, including libraries in Half Moon Bay and Solano Community College. Construction is expect to begin next month, and be 

In the meantime, the temporary library by the lake at Pleasant Hill City Hall is welcoming a steady stream of patrons. Like all Contra Costa libraries, service is currently limited to front door drop-off and pick-up due to COVID-19.  Reserve books online at ccclib.org

Oak Park Properties & the new library

The library is one component of a project coming to 15 acres at the intersection of Oak Park Boulevard and Monticello Avenue, currently referred to as "Oak Park Properties". Oak Park Properties comprises two projects, a Civic Project and a Residential Project. 

The Civic Project, at 1700 Oak Park Boulevard, includes construction of a new library building, a park with athletic fields, improvements to the Grayson Creek corridor, and significant improvements to Monticello Avenue and Oak Park Boulevard. 

The Residential Project, at 1750 Oak Park Boulevard, includes demolition of the existing County-owned library building and vacant administrative offices, and construction of 34 single-family homes, 7 accessory dwelling units, and a new pocket park. 

For more information about the library project, email gvassar@pleasanthillca.org or call (925) 671-5229.