Hilton Homewood Suites Hotel - 650 Ellinwood Way

The City recently approved a 115-room Hilton Homewood Suites hotel at 650 Ellinwood Way.  Construction has begun at the site including the work to construct the hotel and associated site improvements such as landscaping and a new parking lot.  

During the construction period of the project if there are any issues that you wish to report related to construction activities you may do so by contacting the project liaison, Tim Berg, at 925-285-3649, for a timely resolution.

If you have any building permit questions, please contact the City of Pleasant Hill Building Division at 925-671-5200.  For all other project questions, you may contact the project planner, Troy Fujimoto at 925-671-5200 or through email at tfujimoto@pleasanthillca.org.